200 G2 Reviews: 9 reviews from Customers who love Thoropass

We did it: Thoropass has now received over 200 G2 reviews, with an average rating of 4.7 stars, and boy, are we proud. These reviews show that we manage audits without confusion, offer frameworks successful companies need, and create frictionless experiences for our customers to stay secure and accelerate their business. 

To celebrate the milestone and save you the time of weeding out numerous reviews, we’re highlighting the latest, greatest hits from founders, managers, and decision-makers. Check out what they had to say about Thoropass:  

Thoropass manages your audit process without confusion

Audits get a bad rep. Often, they are seen as lengthy, confusing, and a downright pain. We fixed this by perfecting the balance between product and people in order to offer an easy-to-use solution with zero confusion. The perfect pairing of technology and experts gives you everything you need to reach and maintain your compliance goals—now and as you grow. 

“As a company working with financial institutions and with many compliance requirements, I can honestly say that the platform makes management of not only the audit process but the management of policies, responses to diligence questionnaires, employee training, and compliance activities easy to manage and track.” – Dan R., Financial Services

“With no prior knowledge, Thoropass laid out an easy-to-understand road map. Setting attainable goals with reasonable timetable made the process extremely easy with multiple team members.” – Adam S., VP of Operations

“Easy to use platform that really hit the mark. We onboarded Thoropass to help guide us through our compliance journey and it really provided everything we needed and educated our team along the way. The layout and roadmap are intuitive and you see how your compliance program is documented easily by following their process.” – Jacob A.

We have the frameworks you need with an easy-to-use solution

We don’t just offer one framework, we have multiple. Whether you need SOC 2, HITRUST, or ISO, we have a multiframework solution where you can pick and choose what framework best works for your current and future growth plans. 

“Thanks to Thoropass, achieving SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance is no longer a daunting task. Thoropass account/compliance team is very helpful and has streamlined the process very well. Integrations to BitBucket/AWS/Jira are time-saving utilities when collecting evidence during the audit period.” – Anonymous

“Thoropass held our hands throughout the entire process and set us up for success when it came time for our (SOC 2) Type 1 and Type 2 audits.” – Todd L., Engineering Manager

“Thoropass contained everything needed to get SOC 2 certified in one low-cost platform.” – Parker B.

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Get compliant faster than ever

Achieving and maintaining compliance can position your business to close deals faster, expand into new markets, and give your customers and critical stakeholders peace of mind. We know this, and get your company compliant quickly so that you can go back to business without any interruptions. 

“This siginificantly reduced the time to implement SOC 2 audit for my platform.” – Diego A., Senior Lead Developer

“The notification system, and corresponding emails, made it very easy to quickly react and update comments and/or evidence files when undergoing the preparatory work for our SOC 2 audits. This drastically cut down on the amount of required phone-calls and back-and-forth. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.” – Gavin W., Site Reliability Engineer

“Thoropass has helped us achieve SOC 2 Type 1 compliance from scratch in record time: 2 months!” – Alexandre V.

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