Product Spotlight: Introducing Integrated Audit

As Laika sets its sights on becoming the most comprehensive compliance solution, our product and engineering teams worked countless hours on our integrated audit offering. We’re thrilled to finally introduce you to our latest and greatest product development: in-app audit management

As the first truly end-to-end compliance solution, we are blazing the way to empowering auditors through technology. In turn, those auditors are able to deliver the best information security assessments and reports in less than half time.

Meet Audits

If you are a Laika+ customer, you’ll have access to the “Audits” tab within your Laika instance. This tab holds all the information you need about current and past audits. 

The audit progress tab allows you full visibility into each step of the auditors’ process, from requesting evidence to delivering a final report. But don’t fear, your compliance architects will review your security posture and compliance evidence before submitting it to the audit team for review. 

After submitting your evidence, Laika Compliance auditors automatically fetch your evidence as they work their way through the audit. This allows auditors to examine the controls you implemented, with the evidence they need, in the right place at the time they need it. 

You can message your auditors directly in the app, through a similar experience to using the “Hey Laika” button. However, as always, our compliance architects and dedicated customer success managers are here to steer your business through the audit. 

Laika Compliance auditors partnering with compliance architects means almost no follow-ups. With integration-enabled instant evidence fetching and a shortened request list, your auditors don’t need to ping you with last-minute requests.  The all-in-one platform means that neither your email nor your conference rooms will be filled with auditor names and urgent tasks.

The audit process, from the auditors

While information security audits typically involve endless emails, request lists, and days of in-person interviews, Laika’s experience cuts out all the noise from both sides of the audit. 

Our auditors can now access all the evidence you’ve gathered from a proprietary audit platform. This reduces time and resources, ultimately cutting down on overall audit time by 60%. Instead of spending months in the audit process, you can conquer it in weeks. 

Introducing Laika Compliance

As our first integrated audit partner, Laika Compliance is an independent audit firm managed by Leith Khanafseh

The independent CPA firm is innovating infosec audits through cutting-edge technology. As an information security audit firm specializing in audits for modern technology companies, the team focuses on changing inefficient, old processes. 

That means they are tech-forward and fluent, and well-equipped to assess the security of the latest and greatest tech stacks. Check out more on or reach out to the team at [email protected]

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