Slash the time it takes to complete due diligence questionnaires with Thoropass DDQs powered by GenAI

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Powered by GenAI,  Thoropass’s new Due Diligence Questionnaires product redefines how you respond to due diligence questionnaires, security surveys, and RFPs, saving time, reducing risk, and accelerating completion. 

By leveraging your company’s existing data–PDFs of prior surveys, policies, procedures, reports– in a completely closed-loop system, the product does not require exposure to an external LLM. Additionally, your, company’s answers are never used to train other external models, ensuring all data remains within the company’s control.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the key benefits of Thoropass’s new GenAI-powered DDQs.

AI-generated answers speed up questionnaire completion 

Filling out security questionnaires can be daunting and time-consuming. Thoropass’s DDQs leverage generative AI to assess questions and match them with your company’s existing library of responses. If no direct match is found, the GenAI technology scans your documents to suggest answers that can be adopted or edited as needed. 

Maintain high standards with human approval 

Quality control is crucial for due diligence. Thoropass GenAI DDQ incorporates approval steps and thorough quality checks to ensure all responses meet your organization’s standards. Approved answers are automatically saved to the library, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of future questionnaires. This continuous improvement loop ensures that your responses are always top-notch.

Configurable source documents fit your unique needs

We allow users to tailor document sources. Whether you choose documents from Thoropass’s platform or upload your files—such as policies, procedures, audit reports, pentesting reports, and previously answered questionnaires—you can create a customizable sourcing repository that suits your unique requirements.

Securely share completed questionnaires via data room

Thoropass GenAI DDQ goes beyond just filling out questionnaires. A secure data room within the platform allows you to securely share completed questionnaires and supporting documents with your team and stakeholders. This ensures confidentiality and professionalism in every interaction, helping you to showcase your security posture externally with confidence.

Thoropass centralizes your entire infosec compliance program, providing a single source of truth for all your security and compliance efforts. If you’d like to see GenAI DDQs in action, book a demo with us today!

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