Complete questionnaires in hours

What took days now takes hours. Thoropass GenAI-powered DDQs help you answer dozens of security questionnaires in a fraction of the time.

Minimize human error

AI analyzes and synthesizes your most recent data, ensuring comprehensive reviews and delivering up-to-date, evidence-based, and consistent responses.

Scale trust-building

Faster and more precise questionnaire completions help build trust, leading to accelerated revenue generation and market expansion.

How it works

Advanced processing
Questions are matched using advanced processing

Thoropass uses advanced processing tools to assess a given question and match it to the company’s own existing library of previously answered questions.

Generative AI
GenAI scans existing documentation

For any question that can’t be matched, GenAI is used to scan existing PDFs of prior surveys, policies, procedures, reports, etc., and suggest answers that can be adopted or edited as appropriate.

You control your data; No LLMs required

As a closed system, it does not require exposure to an external LLM, and the company’s own answers are not used to train other external models, ensuring that all data remains within the company’s control.