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What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets the standards for acquiring, managing and processing the personal data of European Union (EU) citizens and its residents—identified as “data subjects”. GDPR has established that no organization can collect, store, or use personal data without the explicit consent of the data subject.

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01. Data
What does GDPR define as Personally Identifiable Data?

Within the scope of GDPR, protected and covered data is defined by how it can be tied back to an individual or “data subject.”

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02. Legitimate Interest
Legitimate interest and the processing of data

Understand the intricacies of GDPR legitimate interest and get practical examples of how it applies to real world scenarios.

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03. Scope
What countries fall under the scope of GDPR?

Whether your organization has to comply with GDPR can come down to where you do business and how you handle data.

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04. Non-compliance
The penalties associated with GDPR non-compliance

See where companies tend to fall out of compliance with GDPR and the steep impact of non-compliance.

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GDPR US equivalent_ How the US and EU compare on data privacy laws
05. Equivalent
Is there an equivalent of GDPR in the United States?

Your business may not need to comply with GDPR, but state and federal regulations in the US can have similar effect.

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What does GDPR compliance look like for your business

Understand the real-world impact of GDPR and what non-compliance can look like if you don’t take a privacy-first approach to data and consent management.
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Monster Meta GDPR fine drives home importance of compliance

Jay Trinckes, head of compliance, walks you through the largest GDPR fine to date, its impact, and what your organization can learn from this landmark event.

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How the EU-US Data Privacy Framework Affects Data Transfers

The recently adopted EU-US Data Privacy Framework allows US-based organizations to transfer the personal data of EU citizens to the US. Find out what it means for your business.

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