Thoropass announces The OrO Way, the only customer-first approach to compliance and infosec audits

Thoropass announces the OrO Way

NEW YORK, September 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Thoropass, already the industry leader in compliance and information security audits, announces the launch of its OrOTM Way approach. The OrO Way is a customer-first approach to compliance and audits that encompasses state-of-the-art technological products and processes coupled with an expert human element that is unparalleled in meeting customers’ demand for speed, quality, and efficiency.

The OrO Way revolutionizes traditional compliance methods by combining generative technology with expert auditors into one coherent, closed-loop experience. By providing customers with both an AI-infused platform that automates much of the audit journey and a team of in-house experts that consult customers and provide peer-reviewed independent audit and certification services, customers find everything they need in a single solution.

“The OrO Way is not only the result of four years of innovation and dedication at Thoropass, it’s the approach to compliance I wish I would have had when I launched my first start-up,” says Sam Li, Thoropass Co-Founder and CEO. 

“We talk about the OrO Way like a peanut butter cup: chocolate and peanut butter on their own are great, but it’s only when you put them together that they become a magical experience. You could say the same thing about our marriage of technology and people; it can bring that level of joy,” adds Li.

Industry observers are already aware of The OrO Way via Thoropass’s “We Fixed Audits” campaign launched this summer when Thoropass detailed its frictionless and predictable approach to providing high-quality independent audits. Today’s announcement expands that offering across a range of new and upcoming product releases including AI-infused automations and integrations, Risk Register, Pentesting, custom controls, expansion of PCI DSS, and the much-anticipated capability for customers to leverage a single audit to produce multiple reports for different framework types.

“Above all, we want our customers to be delighted with their experience while achieving their desired business outcomes in this heightened regulatory environment,” says Thoropass Co-Founder and President Eva Pittas. 

“Customers save precious time and money through innovative automation and unfettered access to our in-house experts while creating transparency,” adds Pittas, “enabling teams to do more with fewer resources all while increasing their customer’s trust in their business.”

Thoropass releases the OrO Way to demarcate the difference between the “old way” of doing compliance involving tedious manual work, and a suboptimal current method utilized by some software providers who rely on an awkward handoff of evidence from the software provider to a third party. The OrO Way affirms the lifelong partnership of Thoropass experts and customers as they look to future-proof their businesses and ensure growth through compliance.

The OrO Way is released to coincide with Compliance Officer Day.

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